Anxiety is very common:
worldwide 1 in 14 people
have disabling anxiety.

Gaze Therapy is a clinical approach based on the anatomy and connections in the brain. Rather than the idea that something is wrong with your thinking, we describe nerve circuits that lead to unintended consequences. These can be adjusted by simple techniques to
overcome anxiety
and quickly gain control of panic.

Flight Anxiety

Worldwide, 6.5% of people
have a disabling fear
of flying

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Dentist Anxiety

6.5% of people are very
anxious when visiting
the dentist

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Performance Anxiety

82% of American
musicians experience
medical problems

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Social Anxiety

The lifetime prevalence
for social anxiety disorder
in the UK is 12%

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Panic Disorder

The lifetime prevalence
for Panic Disorder in
the UK is 5%

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Anger Management

Outbursts of anger
occur in just the same way
as those of anxiety

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Our unique teaching package gives you the tools to learn how to overcome anxiety.

Online Resources

Great resources at your fingertips – 24/7 access

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Based on
brain anatomy

We explain to you in
plain English how
treatment works

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